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Nicki Minaj Gets Her Own Reality Series…Sort Of


As seen on, Nicki Minaj will be getting her own series of specials to air on E!. Luckily TV audiences will only be subjected to a few hours of Minaj instead of a weekly dose of brain melting reality TV. (Yes, I’m referring directly to the Kardashian’s).

To be honest, of the celebrities out there Nicki Minaj is one I’d actually want to see on TV. It would be incredibly interesting to see what a day in the life of a real Barbie doll is like. Does she always dress like an anime character? How many wigs does she have? What is her family like, do they rap too? So many questions that will hopefully be answered by the E! specials. One can only hope that Lady GaGa and her outlandish behavior will be caught on tape next.

Minaj was recently named a judge on American Idol alongside the usual dawg, Randy Jackson, country singer, Keith Urban, and super diva, Mariah Carey. An interesting decision to cast Nicki as a judge in Idol considering I don’t think she sings, just talks really fast. Regardless, the quirky rapper will no doubt bring a new demographic to the show as well as some crazy antics. She’s also gearing up for a six week tour starting in late October. As of now, Minaj will have three specials airing later this Fall.

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