Samuel L. Jackson Supports Obama In Funny "Wake The F*** Up" Ad Video

The campaign season is in full swing as both President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney fight for the seat at the White House. TV and internet ads have been a vital tool for both candidates to get their plans for America out to the people.  In one particular ad video titled “Wake The F*** Up,” Obama supporters enlist a Hollywood heavy hitter to help get their message across.

Samuel L. Jackson lend some of his talents to the Jewish Council for Education and Research, aka JCER, in their latest ad in support of Obama. The Ad, not authorized by Obama or any of his committees, conveys the message that Obama supporters are sleeping, comparing the excitement and turn out for Obama in 2008, to the lack there of in 2012.

The “Wake The F***Up” ad, has Jackson teaming up with a young girl as they attempt to get her family to “Wake The F***Up,” before as Jackson says in the video, “An out of touch millionaire wins the war.” In the likeness of a nursery rhyme, this ad attempts to reach vets, college students, women, the middle class, and the elderly.

Some comments on youtube claim that, “This is the best political ad ever.” Check out the “Wake The F*** Up” ad video below and sound off in the comment section.

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