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Nicole Murphy, Fiance Michael Strahan Laugh Off Breakup Rumors

Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife Nicole Murphy is shunning rumors that she broke-up with her fiance, ex-NFL star Michael Strahan. The rumors began when a source revealed that Nicole and Michael were engaged in a heated argument over some steamy text messages found by Michael. The newly minted co-host on Live with Kelly & Michael confronted his fiance about the text. The argument resulted in the breakup.

The alleged texts came from R&B artist London Taylor who featured Murphy as his video girl in “No Panties.” The Hollywood Exes reality star alleges she agreed to the video to hock her jewelry line. Interesting.

Despite the rumors and readers blaming Strahan for dumping Murphy after making it big again, the couple are flatly denying the claims…on Twitter.

@GlamDoll_82 26 Sep 12: @TheYBF @Nicole_Murphy do you see these LIES!!!!

@Nicole_Murphy: @GlamDoll_82 @TheYBF wow!! That’s funny! Lol!!! I guess they know something that me & mike don’t know hahaha .. 😉

@michaelstrahan: @Nicole_Murphy Did we break up and neither one of us know about it?? Lmao #whengossipgotitwrong

The rumors come on the heels of Murphy dishing on finally beginning preparations for their wedding,

“It might be on an island… I might just go and do the Vegas drive-through thing.”

While an argument may have very well taken place perhaps Nicole and Michael decided to work things out….time will tell either way.

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