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Len Wiseman to Reboot 'The Mummy' Franchise

In spite of grossing over 1.25 billion in its most recent incarnation, Universal Pictures has named Len Wiseman to direct the reboot of The Mummy, according to a recent article from

Len Wiseman’s work has been seen in the form of the first and second Underworld films, Live Free or Die Hard, as well as the Total Recall remake. He claims to be drawn to the project due to the modern spin on the ancient beast.

“When I first heard Universal was relaunching this, that is the image that popped into my head, the period tale, the old monster, but when Bob and Alex pitched it, there was a great new take and approach, and a very different mummy as well,” Wiseman said in an interview. “It’s a darker twist on the material, a scarier version.”

Screenwriter Jon Spaihts, whos work includes this year’s Prometheus and 2011’s The Darkest Hour, will join Wiseman in rebooting one of Universal’s most profitable and hefty franchises. Now that it has both Len Wiseman and Spaihts on board, the studio intends to release the film in the summer of 2014.

Do we really need another Mummy movie? It seemed obvious in The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor that the entire concept behind the films had been completely exhausted. If an inflated budget and Jet Li can’t save your sub par script, mediocre cast, and bizarre storyline, who can? It doesn’t seem ushering the story into the modern era will change much.

Regardless, The Mummy reboot is on its way with Len Wiseman at the helm. Be sure to check back for more updates, because Universal is sure to publicize this one all the way to Summer 2014.


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