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Fire Destroys Universal Backlot Again! No Injuries Reported

Universal On Fire

[Update] Fire! Universal’s Backlot catches a blaze  around 1 pm today in a three story building. CNN reports that there are no injuries and no deaths. The building was under construction and the cause of the fire is still unknown. Investigation pending. Back in 2008 a fire destroyed a four acres of building and sets. included that fire was the famous New York Street Sets. Fortunately, that set was able to be rebuilt and reopened in the summer of 2010. That same set suffered no damage in todays blaze.

Earlier this year durring the London riots fire was set to Sony’s Independent Distribution Company warehouse, where hundred of thousands of master copies were destroyed read on.

The fire was reported about 4:45am in a sound stage. According to Deadline, about  400 local firefighter descended on to Universal Studios to dowse the flames. At this point the blaze had spread to about 230 acre. From the 101, the major freeway that crosses Universal Studios, a big black cloud was visible.

An assesment of the damage revealed; The New York Street facades, The Courthouse Square where Back to the Future was filmed, The King Kong build was completely destroyed inside and out, and the inside of the video vault building which was the main cause of the  black smoke due to the plastic containers inside. In the fire of 1990 that damaged the same New York streetscape,and the Courthouse Square was ruled arson, caused a reported 5o million in damages. The estimated damage for todays fire is unknown at this time.

Three firefighters received minor injuries and one other heat exhaustion. No one was seriously injured. universal-Studios Fireuniversal Studio Fire

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