Alicia Keys On Fire at Manchester Cathedral in UK

The church wasn’t on fire but the lady definitely was, as 31-year-old mom and R&B diva Alicia Keys took the stage at Manchester Cathedral on Monday evening to headline “MTV Crashes Manchester.”

The 14-time Grammy Award winner blew the audience away with the latest from her new album, “Girl On Fire.” Though the setting was a church, the tone was decidedly high-end nightclub. Keys rocked the stage stylishly but simply, with high-waisted black trousers, a white tank and wedges. She kept her adornments simple as well, with a gold chain, red lipstick and smoky eyes.

Keys had the 1,000-strong crowd captivated throughout her set.

“I felt so calm, and paced, and right in the zone with the crowd. I loved this show, and what a beautiful venue,” she said after the show, adding that it was great to see people getting into the tracks.

The show marks the singers first UK performance of songs from her new album that drops November 26th. Check out a special behind the scenes look for “Girl On Fire” by clicking the link below.

Incidentally, Keys’ son Egypt was nowhere in sight during this performance. At the recent MTV Video Music Awards, Egypt was on sitting on the lap of his daddy, Swizz Beatz, as Mom performed “Girl on Fire” onstage, joined by Nicki Minaj.

Minaj also was nowhere in sight in Manchester—though we understand she may be a bit busy with a little distraction called “American Idol.”

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