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Michael Vick’s Starting Job Could Be In Trouble

Andy Reid, coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, has been a staunch Michael Vick supporter. But the quarterback has been less than expected in the season’s first three games, and Reid’s latest response to an answer about Vick’s standing was not as strong as before.

After the Eagles were manhandled by the Arizona Cardinals, Sunday, a game during which Vick upped his league-leading interception total to six, Reid’s endorsement of his quarterback was underwhelming. While saying Vick would remain the starter, he sounded awfully like a change could come with more Vick turnovers or offensive lack of productivity.

“Right now, we’re with Michael and that’s what we’re doing,” Reid said, to the Philadelphia Inquirer. “We’ll evaluate it as we go.”

“We’ll evaluate it as we go” is hardly the kind of support Reid has offered in the past. But Reid’s job is on the line this season and while the Eagles are 2-1, their offense has struggled, which points directly at Vick. He has completed only 55 per cent of his passes, thrown just three touchdowns against six interceptions.

Vick ranks third in yards per game with 301.7. But he’s 29th in the league in quarterback rating (terrible for someone with his talents and experience)  and he’s taking way too many hits when he’s scrambling or running.

Reid almost is forced to keep Vick in the lineup no matter how badly he plays because his backup is an untested rookie, Nick Foles. who played well in the preseason, for what that’s worth. Starting in a regular-season NFL game would be quite different for Foles, which explains why Reid said, “No,” when asked if Foles would get more practice reps.

For now, it seems like the chances are slim that anybody other than Vick will play quarterback for the Eagles, mostly because the team is tied for first in the NFC East. But if Philadelphia begins to falter and the team’s playoff chances begin to dwindle,  how long Reid will stick with Vick if he does not p his play?

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