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Trailer for 'The Details' Reveals a Darker Dark Comedy

It’s not every day that we’re reminded just how much we miss Tobey Maguire‘s philosophical voice-overs.No, we’re not talking about Peter Parker lamenting the loss of Uncle Ben or doting upon Mary-Jane Watson. We’re talking about the actor’s new feature film The Details, which – courtesy of Yahoo!News released its first official trailer today.

The Details will not only feature Maguire spouting everyday wisdom, but ruining the lives of Elizabeth Banks, Ray Liotta and the unmistakable Laura Linney. The film describes itself as a dark comedy, and judging by the trailer, will possibly showcase more suburban problems than an American Beauty marathon. This is the second near-crazy character Maguire has chosen to play since his run of Spider-Man flicks, the first being 2009’s Brothers. Are we witnessing a trend here? Because it seems to be working.

The Details is also writer-director Jacob Aaron Estes‘s second feature film since 2004’s Mean Creek, an under-the-radar indie movie that managed to garner critical praise but failed to swoon a general audience.

The Details is due out November 2. That leaves plenty of time to speculate over the generous amount of plot points and visuals gifted to us in the trailer. Also, plenty of time to consider just what in the heck Tobey Maguire is talking about. Enjoy!

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