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Showtime Series, 36-24-36 Reveals the Racism and Sexism The First Black TV Model of The Price Is Right Faced

Kathleen Bradley

Former The Price Is Right model Kathleen Bradley is acting as muse for a new Showtime half-hour comedy called 36-24-36.  The show’s title is a reference to the ideal measurements for a model.  Bradley will serve as a consultant on the show, which revolves around the first Black TV model on a major game show during the 1990s.  The show is being executive produced and developed by Delia Ephron (You Got Mail) and Debra Martin Chase.

In 1990, Bradley became the first permanent Black “Barker Beauty” on The Price Is Right.  She’s also well known for playing the alluring Mrs. Parker in the original Friday.  Her time on The Price is Right came to an abrupt end in 2000.  In a lawsuit filed by Bob Barker against fellow “Barker Beauty” Holly Hallstrom, Bradley sided with her conscience and chose not to slander Hallstrom. Barker lost his suit against Hallstrom and afterwards, fired Bradley and several other staffers who opposed him.

Along with exploration of the sexism, racism, and job security concerns Bradley faced during her time on the show, elements from her 2014 tell-all, Backstage at ‘The Price Is Right’ – Memoirs of a Barker Beauty, will filter its way into the story.  Black women in the entertainment industry must face the double barrel shotgun blasts of sexism and racism.  Being a Black model at any level of entertainment always provides special perspective.  It’s not discussed enough and 36-24-36 can go a long way giving viewers a look behind the curtain.

DebraMartinChase’s involvement gives this project a big boost.  As major film and television producer, she’s one of the far too few Black women in Hollywood with major clout.  After so much experience dealing with Hollywood executives, Chase will lend great knowledge throughout the development process.  Beginning her career as a lawyer, Chase has headed production companies for both Denzel Washington and Whitney Houston before starting and overseeing her own company, Martin Chase Productions.  Her credits include The Princess Diaries, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Just Wright and Sparkle.

This project could provide a worthy showcase and much needed opportunity for a Black actress.  36-24-36 will be worth keeping an eye on during its development cycle.

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