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Vishnu J. Seesahai’s ‘Candid’ to Premiere at Urbanworld Film Festival

A video voyeur with the habit of tailing and filming beautiful women gets more than he reckoned when his latest subject turns out to be a serial killer. This is the premise of filmmaker Vishnu J. Seesahai’s indie film, entitled Candid.

Candid makes its screen debut at New York’s currently-in-progress Urbanworld Film Festival.

The movie explores the themes of voyeurism and exhibitionism and the tacit interplay between the two that stimulates and creates eroticism. It is also an indictment of the increasingly pervasive reality-based entertainment culture that is blurring all distinction between what is real and what is created for viewing.

Candid screens on Fri., Sept 21, 10:30pm; Sat., Sept. 22, 10pm; AMC 34th Street.

Check out the trailer below:

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