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Great Time to Take Bike Tour of Montreal

Before tumbling snowflakes turn Montreal into a sparkling winter wonderland, there’s still time to explore Canada’s second largest city on two wheels. Armed with the most impressive bike network in Canada, over 373 miles of pathways reach along the Saint Lawrence River, into the city center, and up a (small) mountain. So you’re not distracted by the poutine (a local specialty where fries are topped with cheese curds and gravy) outposts on every street corner, we’ve hand-picked the best spots to cycle in the City of Saints; lycra not required.

Navigating the safe and sprawling side streets at a pedaling pace during autumn lends itself to a gallery-like experience outside the confines of four white walls. Everywhere you cycle, expressions of natural art abound: red oaks turning a shade of this season’s hottest deep, burgundy, and Canadian maples sporting a fruit bowl of color. Couple these once-a-year hues with ideal temperatures for city cycling—not hot enough to sweat, not cold enough to freeze—and everyday clothes are au courant attire.

As you might expect, finding a set of wheels to explore Canada’s most bike-friendly city is as simple as looking around. Montreal was the first city in Canada to adopt a highly-regarded (and now exported) bike-sharing system using locally made bikes. Bixi, a name conceptualized mixing “bike” and “taxi”, first hit the streets in 2009, and has grown to include 5000+ bikes that can be checked-in and out of 411 stations scattered throughout the city. The system is so widely used; many Montrealers have given up four wheels for the convenience of two.

Insider Tip: Riding a Bixi is great if you’re able to check your bike into a station every 45 minutes, but if you want to go for a laissez-faire half- or full-day cycle, renting a bike from a shop like Montreal On Wheels is a more cost-effective means…

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