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While Lawyers Argue Over Her Breasts, Kate and Prince William Dance in Tuvalu-[Video]

While the royal family’s lawyers battle out the fate of her breasts in a French courtroom, Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William were halfway around the world, getting their groove on with a bunch of female dancers in Tuvalu.

Remember that video of President George W. Bush dancing with villagers in Africa? Never mind.

The trip was another stop on their Jubilee Tour of Southeast Asia, which the tabloids are describing as a second honeymoon of sorts for the royal coupleā€”and a welcome diversion from the stresses of fighting the topless Kate photos that were published in the French magazine Closer and then abruptly banned by a French court today.

Among the adventures that have entertained them in the South Pacific were meeting with some of the last survivors of the undercover war against the Japanese, attending a church thanksgiving service at a cathedral on Honiara, andĀ receiving a traditional warrior and chief’s welcome on the island of Marapa. In addition, the Duchess became an island Princess as she was crowned with a headdress of fresh flowers (frangipani and bougainvillea).

Once the ceremonial dancing was over, the spouses retreated to the Tavanipupu Private Island Resort on a traditional war canoe. The duo will sleep in a private, $1,260-a-night, leaf-thatched bungalow with amenities far beyond what us mere mortals can imagine.

We’re guessing there was no paparazzi anywhere to be found.

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