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Saints Bounty Case: Jonathan Vilma Subpeonas Gregg Williams, Mike Cerullo

Anthony Hargrove

The New Orleans Saints bounty case grinds on. Today, players Scott Fujita, Anthony Hargrove and Will Smith meet with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. And, it was learned by ESPN, that Jonathan Vilma, who met with Goodell Monday, last week had his attorney serve former New Orleans defensive coordinator Gregg Williams and former defensive assistant Mike Cerullo with subpoenas in his defamation suit against Goodell, according to an ESPN source.

No, no end is in sight just yet in this long-running drama.

Williams and Cerullo appear to have provided most of the evidence the league used in the historic punishments of the four players,  head coach Sean Payton, general manager Mickey Loomis and assistant head coach Joe Vitt.

During his meeting with Goodell on Monday, Vilma was presented with signed affidavits from both Williams and Cerullo. Vilma told ESPN he denied the accusation made by Williams in testimony he signed three days before the linebacker’s hearing, claiming Vilma helped to fund an illegal pay-for-performance incentive pool and offered a $10,000 reward to any teammate knocking Brett Favre out of the 2009 NFC Championship Game.

“What Gregg Williams said in his most recent affidavit is the same falsity he has previously provided,” Ginsberg said. “I don’t know what Gregg Williams’ motives are, but I do know that any suggestion by Williams that Jonathan put up $10,000 as an incentive for his teammates to injure another player is absolutely false.”

It seems the case will come down to semantics. Vilma

Vilma tweeted on Monday night that Williams was “bullied to sign the affidavit,” saying Williams signed it on Friday.

Williams is now with St. Louis, though he has been suspended indefinitely. An associate of his said Williams did not want to talk to the media.

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