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Missy Elliott Drops Two New Singles, ‘9th Inning’, ‘Triple Threat’ – Listen

Missy Elliott is back at last. The rapper-producer dropped two singles via YouTube on Monday, “9th Inning” and “Triple Threat.” Both tracks will be available on iTunes on Tuesday, Sept. 18.

“Triple threat: rap, dance and I’m a singer,” Elliott raps on “Triple Threat,” which is awash with synthesizers and frequent collaborator Timbaland’s intricate drum tracks.

Timbaland appears on both tracks, delivering the hook on “9th Inning.”

“The music game is in a bad state, so we’re in the 9th inning like World War 2 and we have to come in and try to salvage what’s left of it,” Timbaland explained on Hot 97 on Monday…

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