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'Looper' Film Concept Explained In New Featurette

Here is a new Looper featurette explaining the complex life of a time traveling assassin. Lead actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, along with director/writer Rian Johnson, breaks down how time travel have been invented. The two also elaborate on using the technology to send targets back in time, where a hit man – a “Looper” – waits to kill them and dispose of their bodies.

The story gets rolling when Levitt’s older self, played by Bruce Willis, is sent back in time to get wacked by his younger side. Johnson craftily made this believable by putting face prosthetics on the young actor to resemble Willis.

Its not all business for these specialized assassins though, as co-star Emily Blunt describes. “The Loopers live the good life, they’re paid well, they party. They live this lifestyle that sex, drugs and rock n’ roll kind of existence.” However, they soon realize it’s all at a major cost.

The Looper cast also includes Paul Dano, Noah Segan and Deff Daniels.

Looper hits theaters September 28th, 2012.




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