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5 Steps to Being a Better Boyfriend

Ghandi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Believe it or not, the same can apply to your relationship. It’s human nature to want to blame the other person when there are problems in a relationship, but what if you tried to change yourself a little bit? You may be surprised to see your partner respond in kind. Try one—or all—of the following things to be the best boyfriend you can be.

Be Communicative

One of the main things women complain about when it comes to men is communication. On average, women tend to have more of a need to talk about their feelings and thoughts than men do. They also have more of a need to hear men say what’s on their mind. Because of this, many women can take silence as unwillingness to share or as shutting them out. Realize that when she’s asking questions about how you feel or what you’re thinking, she genuinely wants to know.

Most men complain they don’t like to talk about their feelings as much, and they don’t feel the need to hash out (and re-hash) issues, so it may not be easy for you. Be open and honest, and you may even find you benefit from it once you get going. Even if you have to remind her that it’s hard for you, she’ll appreciate it if you try and feel closer to you.

Be Respectful

It’s hard to have a strong foundation for any relationship without respect. The woman in your life needs to be respected on multiple levels. She needs to be respected as a person; give her credit for her mind and her personal strengths. She needs to be respected as a lady; be respectful of her body and her choices.

She also needs to be respected as your partner; appreciate her contributions to the relationship and the role she plays in your life. It doesn’t matter whether you both subscribe to more traditional gender roles or not, she still needs to be respected as an equal partner in your life together.

Be Supportive

Give your lady the support she’s looking for. When she wants to talk about her problems, listen to them. Don’t tell her what to do…

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