Beyoncé and Jay-Z Get on the Campaign Trail for Obama

Most people check their email expecting messages from family and work connections but people across the country were treated to a surprise when a very famous name popped up in their inboxes.

Beyoncé, who has recently become more open and communicative, sent out an email to campaign for President Obama’s reelection. The email’s subject line was “I don’t usually e-mail you” and in the message, the mother of one invited supporters to donate money to campaign for a chance to win a trip to meet Beyoncé, her husband Jay-Z  and President and First Lady Obama.

“Jay and I will be meeting up with President Obama for an evening in NYC sometime soon. And we want you to be there,” she said in the message. She asked potential donors contribute a $25 donation, up from the $3-$5 usually requested in campaign emails. The powerhouse couple will also host a fundraising event at Jay-Z’s 40/40 club that will cost patrons a pricey $40,000 a pop. The event will be held on September 18. “I’ve had the honor of meeting President Obama and the First Lady a few times — and believe me — it’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss,” the message continued.

This isn’t the first time Beyoncé has been on the campaign trail for the Obamas.  She recorded a video tribute to the First Lady that was posted on the President’s website and was also active in “Let’s Move!”, the FLOTUS’s campaign against obesity. She also performed at President Obama’s inauguration in 2008.

Mitt Romney has also taken his campaign to email and invited supporters to take a trip on what he calls “Hair Force One,” a crack at jokes about Romney’s well groomed hair. Those who donate to the Romney campaign will be entered for a chance to win a plane ride during a campaigning day. “And, who knows,” Romney added, “maybe you and I will come up with a better name for the campaign plane,” said the message.

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