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Rihanna Twitter: Post Confirms Her New Album Release Date

A now deleted tweet from RiRi’s record label twitter account has spilled the beans, revealing that Rihanna’s new album is set to release in November.

From performing at the 2012 London Paralympics to hitting the stage at the VMAs, the R&B singer from Barbados has been very busy, but not busy enough to keep her away from the studio.

The “Where Have You Been” singer may only be 24-years-old, but the label is already anticipating the November release date for what will be her sixth studio album.

In addition to revealing the album’s expected release date, the tweet also revealed that Rihanna just might be dropping a brand new single as soon as Monday.

Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend has been making use of her time over seas, booking studio time with a few up-and-coming British music producers.

“Rihanna is working with Marina and the Diamonds’ boyfriend Burns, a Brighton-based producer who is good mates with Calvin Harris,” one source said. “They’ve booked three days in the studio, which they’ll fit around him doing some work with Kelis. Rihanna’s also working with Nicky Romero, another DJ and pal of Calvin.”

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