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NeNe Leakes Dating… Sort of

NeNe Leakes is dating and legally single, but she may not be as available as you would think.

When the Real Housewives of Atlanta reality star appeared on the late night talk show, Conan, she had a bit of trouble answering if she was single or not.

“Not really… Legally single? Yeah,” she told Conan O’Brien with very long pauses between each phrase.

She sounded very unsure of calling herself single, suggesting she might already have a new love interest in her life.

Conan did his best to try to clear the confusion when he asked Leakes if she was dating. After Leakes replied “yes,” the outspoken talk show host deemed the recently divorced reality star turned actress as single, even if she didn’t really agree.

Despite the fact that Leakes stands over 6 feet in heels, don’t expect to only see extremely tall me on her dating list.

“I’ve dated shorter guys,” she told Conan. “Shorter guys tend to have that boss mentality, so they like to talk to taller women, just makes them feel tall. I don’t know.”

So height is definitely not a factor, but money sure is.

As the highest paid housewife out of Atlanta, it’s no surprise that Leakes won’t accept any man who isn’t financially stable.

“They gonna need their own money, now,” Leakes emphasized. “They can’t have mine. They do need to bring something to the table. They don’t need to be super-rich, but they need to be financially stable.”

Jokingly, Conan admitted that he lost interest in the independent woman after he discovered he needed to be independent as well.

Since the show first aired, NeNe has definitely been taking advantage of her love for the camera, appearing on Celebrity Apprentice, earning a recurring role in Glee, and even being booked as one of the stars of NBC’s “The New Normal.”

Certainly the former housewife is content with all of her T.V time right? Not quite.

Leakes revealed that she has been pursuing her own talk show…one that will be surprisingly drama free.

“I wouldn’t want to do a Maury Povich show.” Leakes explained. “Baby daddy! Who’s your daddy? Who’s your mama? I wouldn’t want to do that kind of show.”

According to the new actress, she has already had several interviews regarding the possibility of her own talk show, but only time will tell just how well those interviews have been going.


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