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Uproar about Daniel Day Lewis' Take On Lincoln's Voice

Since the trailer for Steven Spielburg’s Lincoln hit the internet yesterday, Critics have been hammering lead actor Daniel Day Lewis for his channeled Abraham Lincoln voice.

According to Harold Holzer, a Lincoln historian, “Lincoln’s voice, as far as period descriptions go, was a little shriller, a little higher.”

“He often was so nervous at the beginning, he would almost shift up into a falsetto before he settled himself said Ronald C. White Jr., author of a Lincoln: A Biography.

Giving the facts from Lincoln experts, Lewis’ voice is very close if not completely accurate. Evidently, attention to details and historical facts aren’t good enough for some.

“I still don’t like the sound of Daniel Day Lewis’ Lincoln voice,” Said Hollywood blogger Jeffrey Wells. “I almost hate it, in a way. It’s flat, indistinctive, and unimpressive, It’s hard to describe what I was looking to hear, but this isn’t it. And I dearly love the voices that Lewis has given us over the years. Wells adds, “It just doesn’t sound right. Lewis’ Lincoln sounds like … I don’t know but maybe like a freshman U.S. Senator from Ohio or something.”

If you haven’t seen the trailer you can see it right here. When you first hear his voice you may believe it belongs to someone else, but when the voice finally match the face, it is a little weird.

Lincoln is scheduled for a November 9th release.

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