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'Scary Movie 5' Set Details: “Charlie and Lindsay Filmed A Love Scene”

So Lindsay Lohan finally showed up to the set of Scary Movie 5 in Atlanta, Georgia. Her present in the film looked a little sticking as the young actress “missed every single meeting she had” for the upcoming film. The Mean Girls star even skipped out on the planned rehearsals, but yesterday she made it to the set alongside Charlie Sheen.

Sheen and Lohan reportedly got into a bed together on the set of Scary Movie 5, where the two shared playful pillow talk between takes.

“Charlie and Lindsay filmed a love scene,” said an on-set viewer. “The scene they were shooting for the movie was of them in bed together.”

The source also added that, the Scary Movie 5 script called for Lohan to slip into a kinky collar and the two to share a kiss. “Lindsay was a great sport,” the spy said. “She was poking fun at herself, and she really got into it and seemed to enjoy it.”

Sheen and Lohan talked while in the bed in between takes, joking about their Hollywood off-screen reputations. “They were ad-libbing,” a source said. “They were joking that they’ve both had a lot of issues over the past couple of years.”

More details on Scary Movie 5 coming soon…

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