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Lisa Price Urges Women To Live Their Best Lives

Carol’s Daughter founder Lisa Price talks women, black and white, living their lives without the fear of scrutiny from others.

I love the words to Jill Scott’s song “Golden.” To me it is prayer, mantra and meditation.

“I’m strumming my freedom, playing the God in me.

I was born into it

It comes naturally.”

Such powerful words! What makes them even more powerful is that Jill lives by them. This gives them their credence and their power. Jill’s beauty graces the cover of the October issue of Essence magazine and of course she is glorious. Her one request? That she be photographed with her natural hair. I LOVE when women do this. Not just when it comes to hair, but when we celebrate our beauty on our own terms.

Women like Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry and Jennifer Anniston have redefined the forties for women. Theirs is a healthy, proactive approach to aging with grace.

I loved when Helen Mirren caused a stir a few summers ago on a beach in Italy when she, a woman of 63 at the time, was photographed wearing a red bikini and looked fabulous. If I could have a figure like that at 63, I don’t think I would worry about coloring my gray hair, either.

Read her full story here.

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