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Clint Eastwood and Co-Stars In Exclusive 'Trouble With the Curve' Poster

When Clint Eastwood isn’t rambling at empty chairs, people are quick to forget that the aging star is still a Hollywood legend capable of carrying a lead role.

His newest exploit, Trouble With the Curve, has released an exclusive new poster, showcasing Eastwood alongside his co-stars Amy Adams and Justin Timberlake.

The film tells the story of Gus Lobel, who is dealing with losing his eyesight as a baseball scout. This forces him to contact his estranged daughter – played by Adams – and confront issues surrounding fatherhood.

Clint Eastwood seems to be running with the “angry old man” persona he has established in such films as Gran Torino and Million Dollar Baby. Let’s face it, he does it quite well. This will be the first film in 20 years Clint Eastwood will star in and not direct.

Amy Adams has shown how strong she is in a supporting role, particularly in The Fighter and Catch Me If You Can. As for Justin Timberlake, well, just look at him!

The Robert Lorenz directed film hits theatres on September 21. Though this will be Lorenz’s first film, he has served as assistant director to Clint Eastwood on numerous occasions.  Enjoy the trailer here!

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