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Sean Bean To Star In Brad Turner's 'Scorched Earth'

Sean Bean has been cast as the starring role in Scorched Earth, the first film directed by Brad Turner of 24 fame.

According to Deadline New York, Scorched Earth will be a new spin on the post-apocalypse genre, following an elementary-level society that has taken the first steps back towards civilization. Sean Bean will play bounty hunter Atticus Gage, who shares more similarities with the criminals he hunts than the new-age settlers that employ him.

Bean has managed to stay quiet since his violent departure from Game of Thrones, but he is no stranger to action packed thrillers. One only has to use Goldeneye, The Fellowship of the Ring and Troy as reference. The only challenge with Sean Bean will be convincing audiences of his ability to play a protagonist after repeatedly being cast as a villain or grey-area character.

Brad Turner may be just the man to do it. The seasoned TV director already has more than 200 episodes of 24 under his belt along with credentials in Showtime’s Homeland, Psych, and Prison Break. It seems as if making grey-area characters is what’s made Turner’s career fruitful.

It will be interesting to see what Turner can do on the big screen, especially alongside an actor of Sean Bean’s caliber. We can only hope the partnership will be as successful as the one between Turner and Kiefer Sutherland. Or that they find a way to resurrect Eddard Stark.

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