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Beyonce's Baby Blue Ivy Gets Her Diapers Changed With Love

Beyonce and Jay-Z as the R&B singing sensation and a hip hop mogul means they have many daily tasks to handle, but their new favorite chore has become changing their baby Blue Ivy Carter’s diapers.

After spending hours of their French vacation cradling and kissing baby Blue, it’s obvious that the Carters love being hands on parents, even more than the average new parents would be.

What is usually the most dreaded part of having a child, has become one of the “Dance for You” singer’s favorite parts of motherhood.

“I love changing diapers,” Beyonce told Anderson Cooper on Monday during her appearance on Anderson Live. “I love every moment of it, it’s so beautiful. I love it all.”

During the interview, the current queen of R&B also revealed that her husband helps out with diaper changes as well.

According to Bey, the “Forever Young” rapper from Brooklyn is actually very good at changing diapers and shares her love of the new chore.

Changing diapers isn’t the only motherhood task that the Dreamgirl actress has been enjoying. In addition to tossing dirty diapers, she puts her talent to great use by singing baby Blue Ivy Carter lullabies every night.

“I make up a lot of crazy, corny songs,” Blue Ivy’s mother admitted, but when Cooper asked for her to share one of the “corny” lullabies Beyonce insisted that Cooper showed off his singing skills instead by doing a quick rendition of “Single Ladies.”

Of course, the anchorman turned down the offer and replied, “Believe me, no one wants to see that.”

The 31-year-old mother also basked in the fact that although the public may regard her as an international superstar, as far as baby Blue is concerned, Beyonce is just Mommy.

The award winning R&B singer and mother of 9-month-old Blue Ivy said, “I’m Mommy when [Blue] sees me – today was the firs time she saw me perform in rehearsal – she was very confused.”

Beyonce insisted that when it comes down to it, she is just like any other mother and Jay-Z is just like any other father.

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