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Toronto: One of North America’s Most Livable Large Cities

Canada’s largest city is easily one of North America’s nicest and most livable large cities, assuming you are okay with the winter weather, that is. The city center is clean and modern and the public transportation system is world class. An area adjacent to the business district conveniently contains much of the city’s nightlife of every kind and not far away is a pleasant beach community. With a huge immigrant population it’s not surprising that ethnic neighborhoods dot the city and the Italian, Greek, and Chinese districts are great places for a meal or a stroll.

What To Do

The skyline is dominated by the CN Tower, which is the tallest freestanding structure in the world (for the moment) at 553 meters. You can take an elevator to the top for amazing views and don’t miss the portion of the observation floor that is made of thick glass. Just stepping out on it is a mini-thrill ride in itself. Particularly during the summer months there is loads to do in the Harbourfront District. And the aforementioned Beaches district is a nice place to visit in good weather for a walk through this laid back urban neighborhood.

The city has its share of museums and galleries, but the Toronto experience is probably better achieved by checking out the ethnic neighborhoods in the center of the city. In addition to the ones mentioned above there are Korean and Indian neighborhoods to explore. It’s impossible to find such an international city that is so clean and easy to access. For sports fans Toronto has the Hockey Hall of Fame and during the season avoiding the sport is completely hopeless and futile in this hockey-obsessed city.

Getting There

Unless you’ve decided to rent a car and are driving in, you’ll want to book a flight into Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. Being such a major city there are often good deals available…

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