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George Zimmerman Lawyer’s Seeking Trayvon’s School Records

In an unsettling development, the legal team for George Zimmerman is in pursuit of Trayvon Martin’s school disciplinary records as part of their defense of Zimmerman in his second-degree murder trial for killing Martin.

It appears to be a classic case of blaming the victim for the crime.

As the details of the case have come forward, it’s unclear what bearing Martin’s school records would have on the actions taken by Zimmerman on the night of Martin’s death.

But Zimmerman’s attorney said today that he has sent subpoenas to Martin’s school, requesting disciplinary notice, suspensions and tardiness records, among other things. Martin was serving a school suspension when he was shot by Zimmerman on Feb. 26. He had been suspended by Miami-Dade County schools because traces of marijuana were found in a plastic bag in his backpack.

Benjamin Crump, Martin family attorney, has said Martin’s use of marijuana should have no bearing on the resolution of his shooting death.

It’s likely that the Zimmerman team will try to portray Martin as a dangerous, undisciplined, problematic teen who could have posed some sort of threat to Zimmerman when he opened fire and shot Martin in the chest.


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14 thoughts on “George Zimmerman Lawyer’s Seeking Trayvon’s School Records

  1. What does Trayvon school records have to do with being murdered. zim attorneys are at a lost of how to get this murderer off the hook. They are grabbing at straws, any little thing. Even if Trayvon smoked Marijuana (as with most teens) what does that have to do with being murdered. TELL THE MURDERER TO STICK TO ONE STORY PERHAPS HE WOULD BE BELIEVED. But its took late. TOO MANY INCONSISTENCIES.

  2. Patty Mudd says:

    Good, although it shouldn't be necessary to go to so much trouble to prove that little thug got exactly what was coming to him. Your blind bias is PATHETIC.

  3. After reading this post I was incensed at the bias until I hit [source]when the black star came up it made perfect sense. Trayvon was a thug in the making.Had gz not killed him they would still be looking for GZ's killer!

  4. Tre Anthony says:

    Patty, Zimmie said that he was going to play in your bushy…ROTFLMAO

  5. Tre Anthony says:

    Patrick, why did you let Zimmie hawk and spit in your face…

  6. why is it that when ever a white man does something wrong the law finds everything possible to justifity it and if a blaclk person does a simple thing to break the law they try no they do send them away for some lord nows redicklous reasons or number of years.

  7. Allan N Kim Harrison says:

    Tre Anthony I know who you are and where you're at. Bowie state? Really? It's hard to believe that someone your age (if that is your picture), would use the language that you use, you write like a twelve year old kid.

  8. Tre Anthony says:

    Allan N Kim Harrison ..all of the Harrisons are on death watch…

  9. Allan N Kim Harrison says:

    Tre Anthony you really aren't very bright are you? I see why you relate to Trayvon, you're just another punk wanna be gangster just like he was. I'm sure Capital Heights, Maryland is proud of you and your kind. BTW you should seek professional help about your obsession with Zimmerman, he seems to be living in your head.

  10. Tre Anthony says:

    If Zimmerman is living in my head then he certainly is living inside of your asshole…

  11. Allan N Kim Harrison says:

    Tre Anthony you can run but you can't hide punk.

  12. Allan N Kim Harrison says:

    Tre Anthony sap sucker? really? Coons? Pick any one of those people to "disappear" punk, you and Trayvon will have something in common.

  13. Allan N Kim Harrison says:

    Terry Anthony sissy.

  14. is this a mother funkin case of what ifs or what happened? wether trevon was a thug or gangster or what the heck you thought he might had turned out to be , he is the victim and deceased by the actions of a security officer not some state cop. mr zimmer fatally shot a young kid in his chest. self defense has nothing to do with , I will get you later. it was obvious that this act was premeditated. self defence has to do with using equal amount of force to ward off an attacker, not using a gun opposed to an unarmed person. that is escalation of violence which equals murder. all of you here talk that good old Christian justice when propagating your loving peaceful jesus but, i.e turning the other cheek, but outside the church doors you kill even your own wives for less than a slap. the shows mr Zimmerman brought the gun to te scene not trayvon, and trayvon had more rights to had been in that vicinity since it`s where he lived. mr zimmer frequented there because it's his job to protect the residents of tat vicinity not kill them , and the self defense claims should be backed by evidence that treyvon had a gun or weapon equally effective or above that of mr Zimmerman , which he hadn`t. with that being said , if mr Zimmerman was acting in self defense he would have cared to shoot trevon in a place about his body that would clearly indicate the use of force to subdue him and not to kill him, i.e around the leg or arms but rather he wanted to silence him instead thus, dead men can`t testify , in this case a child.

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