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Nicki Minaj Raps About Voting for Romney—But She Can’t Vote

Nicki Minaj can rap with the best of them and routinely gives audiences a performance to remember.

What she can’t do, however, is vote.

Turns out that news that the 29-year-old performer possibly intends to vote for Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is much ado about nothing since she has never bothered to register in any of the three states in which she has lived.

Minaj, the Trinidadian-born rapper-singer who is nearing a deal to become a judge on Fox’s American Idol, appears to have given an endorsement of the Republican presidential nominee on Lil Wayne’s “Dedication 4,” the recently released fourth installment in his mix-tape series.

During “Mercy,” the fifth track on the album, Minaj raps: “I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney, you lazy bitches is f—ing up the economy.”

Minaj doesn’t follow up her “endorsement” with any other political thoughts.

Nevertheless, it didn’t take long for Twitter verse to go crazy with many biting remarks that were critical of Minaj’s alleged political leanings.

But some within the music industry warned against jumping to conclusions just yet, saying that one rap line is hardly evidence and that Minaj only benefited from the notoriety the added attention brought her.

It turns out the point is moot anyway because Minaj has never registered to vote while living in Georgia, California and New York at various points.

The magazine RapDose, which first pointed out the lyrics, noted that her rap was performed over Kanye West-produced beats. West attended the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver in support of President Barack Obama.

Minaj has previously vented to Obama over Twitter, including messages expressing her frustration with U.S. healthcare in June on the heels of Moesha and The Parkers actress Yvette Wilson’s death from cervical cancer.

“What’s sad is that when Yvette was bringing home the bacon, the gov’t was probably taking millions. On her deathbed though, #Nowheretobefound,” she wrote. “That should be a God given right! Even with Obama Care, too much involved. Just give FREE health care to all. @BarackObama what can we do?”

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16 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj Raps About Voting for Romney—But She Can’t Vote

  1. This is what rap use to do! Now one lines mean nothing? So does her music than!

  2. Jackie Debs says:

    got to love how much the media has gone crazy over this. HOW DARE YOU VOTE FOR THE CANDIDATE WE DO NOT SUPPORT! The media doesn't even try to hide their bias anymore.

    You can't vote republican! You're black! How can you not vote for the person of your same skin color!

    The liberals are so sure that all their pandering and promises of welfare expansion will lock all the black votes down. Its such blatant racism.

  3. Adrianne D Pless says:

    because a person is your color doesn't mean that they are "your kind". Or that your color is for you. Seems to me that Obama is all about Obama and the Latinos that he courts. He doesn't feel that he has to court Blacks, because gullible Blacks will just vote because he is Black (oh wait, most call him multiracial), and never listen or try to find out what really is going on. That Amos/Andy; Stepp'n Fletcher; Spook sat by the door mentality. As long as a Black is voting for a Black it is cool to talk about, but if you are voting any other way than Black then even Blacks want to hang'm up high. I thought voting was about what is right and best and not what is Black (or white) with swagger. also when speaking about taxes and who is paying and not paying…compare apple to apples…there is a difference and a different bracket when one is referring to capital gains taxes versus the regular taxes that I or you (if you don't have a business or rolling in dough — as Romney is and I am not). Who pays more…30% on $50,000 (regular ole taxes) or 15% on $500,000 (capital gains tax)? This is an example folks..EXAMPLE, EXAMPLE.

  4. Anonymous says:

    how so when there are MORE white people on welfare than blacks???? NEVER made sense to me when people use that argument…

  5. mitt romney is an abject liar and is the most dishonest candidate in either party he has changed his positions numerous times and has no core but to appeal to a nut job far right wing base that want small gov unless its in someones personal affairs i am a registered independent and i will vote my interest i was able to renegotiate my mortgage because of this man and i come from middle class black teaneck nj where very few blacks wich is 60 percent of the town were on welfare and everyone worked hard most people on welfare are whites in mostly red states and the only governors who asked for the waivers were republican that lie is dead i could understand john mc cain but this mitt romney has no back bone he has let the nut wing of his party to say everything even talk about a gay soldier and he has done nothing and i am black i am muslim and i am a newyorker living and newly moved to nc and i will vote for Barack Obama peace to all of you

  6. Nivia Modelo-Martin says:

    It would have more meaning if she could legally vote but she can't vote so she's just another attention seeking celebrity. Pretty sad because Republicans will boot her Trinidadian ass out as quick as possible. Maybe it's her attempt to not get deported lol.

  7. Jackie Debs says:

    Of course there are more white people on welfare than blacks. How exactly would you expect 12.9% of the population to be on par welfare wise with 79.96% of the population? It's simple math.

    To get the actual statistics based on race population you have to look at the numbers PER CAPITA. When you do that, you will find that:

    Around 35% of african americans are on welfare per capita
    around 13.5% of Caucasians are on welfare per capita

  8. Cm Whitener says:

    Let me explain something to you…Most people do not want to be on welfare. You are out of your mind if you think a couple hundred dollars per month and an EBT card is what drives people to vote. A large number of people on welfare also work, they just do not earn enough money to sustain their families.

    You have this asinine idea that minorities are sitting on the government teat….how ignorant of you. So when you have 65% of the Black population who are not on welfare and 86% of the Black population who are employed…. What is your idea about why Romney gets 0% of the Black vote?

    Wait…I will tell you… It is bigoted notions hidden in misguided opinions like yours that Black people will vote for a president in lock step on singular issues OR on some idea of government handouts.

    That, my dear, is what is driving down Republican support from a vast majority of American people. Black people are not monolithic. And people do not vote against Republicans because they want handouts. Stop believing the GOP talking points.

    Even with 13.5% of the White population being on welfare, that makes for 65% of the welfare recipients being White. So are your people going to vote against Romney to get a handout? Think about it…and you might just realize how ignorant that argument is…

  9. Jackie Debs says:

    Let's be fair here. I will concede your point that many black people who are on welfare don't want to be on it. Of course, anyone with any sense would want a better life for themselves than that. HOWEVER, I think that we both also know that for every couple people on welfare who do want better for themselves, there is at least one person who really doesn't want to work and laughs about getting free money from the government.

    The welfare queen stereotype, while sometimes used for racism, is not simply invented in the minds of KKK members looking to hold black people down. There is a lot of truth to it and many people, especially in the black community, play the system. So much so that you can find lyrics in MANY rap songs referring to 'the first and the third' as being a known high drug traffic yield day due to such people. You can say white people game the system too, and I am sure many do, but when was the last time you heard a song with white people bragging about it? It's more deeply imbedded in the black culture.

    As for Romney getting 0% of the people have always given a large majority of their votes to democrats, never this large, and Obama race clearly played a large part in the 2008 election as it will in the 2012 one. There are MANY MANY videos on youtube of black people openly admitting they were voting for the first time and voting for him simply because he was a 'brutha'. If it were white people doing it, it would be called racist, but since only whites can be racist…

    "Even with 13.5% of the White population being on welfare, that makes for 65% of the welfare recipients being White. So are your people going to vote against Romney to get a handout?"

    Actually yes, many of them are voting against Romney based on social programs, far too many for my liking, but let us not forget, Romney is not trying to take welfare away. He simply wishes to keep laws that make it so welfare recipients have to stay in the jobs program so that they are on file actively looking for jobs. Reasonable by any standards.

  10. Cm Whitener says:

    Jackie Debs You are still not aware that people are not voting based on welfare. If that were the case, they would vote for Romney…not against him, as the trend historically is that welfare increases and the economy shrinks under Republicans…not Democrats. The last Republican president expanded welfare coverage some 28%…not the Dem…

    Just saying something repeatedly does not make it true.

  11. Cm Whitener says:

    Jackie Debs And let me explain something about the "welfare to work" point you are trying to make. Republican governors asked that the requirement be eased so that they could expand coverage to people in their states. REPUBLICAN GOVERNORS.

    They were given a waiver based on increasing the percentage of people going from welfare to work after a short reprieve from the requirement. If they do not increase the percentage, they do not get the waiver.

  12. Jackie Debs says:

    Cm Whitener If you concede that obama has increased the spending by 40% (it was actually higher) Then why do you suddenly now compare that to bush when the subject is comparison to ROMNEY?

  13. Won't accept person's source because they say it is backed by Libertarians, proceeds to cite politifact. Seems Legit.

  14. Cm Whitener says:

    Politifact was the first one that came up. There are dozens more… Where would you prefer the source to come from? I can get a link from Fox as well. If that's what you would like. Heck I posted a link to testimony from the leader of the Heritage Foundation for goodness sake.

  15. Jackie Debs says:

    Cm Whitener I really don't understand why you claim to be an independent, but dismiss all stats and facts that don't cherry pick info that shines a positive light on democrats.

    You clearly are a democrat trying to sound evenhanded. Why not own up to it?

  16. Patrick Covington says:

    It is pointless to carry-on about someone who can't even vote anyway. She can't be serious about making a statement of such, unless you're basing it on rational terms and not bias terms. From a political perspective, black people voted for Obama because he is black, and almost 98% didn't even know he was half caucasian. A shame. Crying and praising a man because his skin color looks like yours. How can one say God and Christ are my everything, yet you're praising a man, putting all your faith in him. You can't serve two masters. Shame. Back on subject. There are people from all races on welfare, because America is a huge soup pot of many races. There are those who take advantage of the system and do not care. Trust me. I have heard it from many that didn't care. There are those who do not like being on welfare and are looking for employment to provide for their families. There are many who have lost jobs, that have to result to welfare to get by until they rejoin the work force. The welfare system acts as a security blanket. If it was to go away, this country's economy would go to sh*ts. People if you didn't know, the Federal Reserve is the puppet master; all past presidents & current (for the exception of Lincoln & Kennedy) are the puppets. The Federal Reserve is above the law and the President. The FR controls all the money and is the only bank that has never been audited. Now I know I am going away from the topic but I just had to share. Now with her response, she has to explain her reasoning behind that response. Otherwise she just opened up a can of whoop @ss, but don't give her the spotlight. She's another celebrity that wants attention.

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