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Michelle Obama Dress Being Rushed to Public by Tracy Reese

Demand for the dress that first lady Michelle Obama wore on Tuesday at the Democratic National Convention has forced designed Tracy Reese to push forward production. During an appearance on NBC’s “Today” show, Reese said she had planned to release the dress in a later season, but it is now being rushed into the production cycle so that it can be made available to customers as soon as possible.

Reese told the “Today” show hosts that the pink and blue silk jacquard dress will be priced under $500. Former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu questioned the price of the dress among other things during a Wednesday conference call with reporters. After Obama’s Tuesday night address, multiple news sources reported that Reese’s dresses typically are priced around $350, to which Sununu said, “somehow I don’t think that’s the truth either,” while accusing the Obama campaign of a number of lies.

While on NBC, Reese confirmed the first lady’s nail polish as a purple-gray gel polish from Artistic Nail Design called “vogue.” Obama also wore a pair of J.Crew’s “Everly” suede pumps, priced at $245 and on sale now.

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