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Limbaugh Attacks President Obama In Racist Diatribe

Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh launched into a racially-tinged diatribe against President Barack Obama on Wednesday, charging among other things that he was “not authentically black” and lacked “slave blood.”

The right-wing extremist had initially been criticizing First Lady Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina when he began his latest racist rant against the president.

On his radio show, Limbaugh was expressing his aversion with the first lady’s anecdotal tales of the president’s hand-me-down coffee tables and shoes one size too small.

“Obama did not grow up in poverty,” Limbaugh said. “His grandmother, the typical white woman, worked in a bank. Don’t give me this ‘down with the struggle’ business. He wasn’t down. In 2008, the Democrats were wringing their hands because he wasn’t authentically black … He wasn’t down with the struggle. He doesn’t have slave blood.”

The often-hateful Limbaugh is no stranger to controversy, having built his media persona as a contentious critic of the Democratic Party, and President Obama in particular. More recently, he called Hurricane Isaac a conspiracy started by the president.

Limbaugh, who has battled drug addiction in the past, used a thug-like voice to impersonate the President, claiming that the decision to move his nomination acceptance speech from Bank of America Stadium to the Time Warner Cable Arena was made days ago because Obama can’t fill “Black Panther Stadium.”

Bank of America Stadium is often referred to as ‘Panther Stadium’ because it is the home of the NFL’s Carolina Panthers.

Limbaugh sounded as if he were speaking from personal experience when he said, “When you know you’re not drawing the crowds, that’s a sobering day.”

Limbaugh’s Clear Channel Radio show has lost more than 100 advertisers as of late as a result of a backlash from his hatefulness.

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57 thoughts on “Limbaugh Attacks President Obama In Racist Diatribe

  1. Katherine G. Fitzgerald says:

    Actually, the total of advertisers lost is over 1000, big & small. #stoprush

  2. What is amazing is that this complete idiot actually gets paid big bucks for being idiotic!

  3. You are a liar! Plain and simple. There is no evidence at all of any pedophilic misbehavior, except in your mind. And as to being an idiot, when your IQ reaches half his, please let me know – I'm looking for a barker for my flea circus. You truly need a job of great importance. His corpulence is none of your business – it diminishes you in no way, and has no effect on his intelligence or politics. Your mother weighs?

  4. I think you are lying. Prove it, or withdraw it.

  5. While I'm not sure just how you got there, I agree with your conclusion. It is only politically correct to trash white folk. Our president is half white and he certainly has done nothing to stop the trashing of whites. The Black Panthers intimidating whites at poling stations were not charged, in violation of several laws he swore to uphold. Those who thought he might bridge the race gap are sorely disappointed. He is a Muslim by birth – in Islam you are bound to the religion of your father. That and Black Liberation Theology ala Wright are the only religions he knows. That is his culture, and he has failed to transcend it!

    The problem with many who don't agree with you is that they simply have never left their Mom's basements. I HAVE lived in other countries – and they STILL have problems but are NOT a result of color. America has NO problem with color. Like every other nation we have a problem with CULTURE. The French are despised in Belgium, the Highland people in Taiwan, the Indian people in Mexico, etc. ad nauseum. There is more discrepancy between different cultures of Blacks than between blacks and whites. The same is true of whites.

    As King said so many years ago, don't judge a man by the COLOR of his skin, but by the depth of his CHARACTER. I have white neighbors I'd like to ship to Antarctica. They sell drugs, there's about 15 of them living in one house, no one knows who the kids belong to and some of them have the same father but different mothers, all living together. Their culture stinks, and they well deserve the term "white trash". That's not racist, but it is prejudiced. By fact!

  6. Corri Anderson

    Truth hurts, don't it?

    Have you always looked in the mirror and saw an anti-white staring back or is this something recent and novel to you?

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white

  7. Looks like you folks are too uninformed to realize that those "racist" remarks are actually QUOTES UTTERED BY DEMOCRATS to include Obama himself.

  8. Corri Anderson says:

    Your post makes no sense. I look at history as the context in which I make statements about modern societies. What I posted was the truth, not sure how it is supposed to hurt me. Beyond that, i look at people as people, not races or color. My point is by calling America a "white country", not only is that wrong, the US is made up of all creeds, but that type of language is useless when discussing the issues we face globally. I'm not anti-white, I'm white, but I don't think that makes me better than someone who is not. People that consider them better than others because of their skin color are intellectually inferior. No matter what color they are.

  9. Corri Anderson says:

    You have no sense of humour. Beyond that you are defending one of the worst pundits in history. He consistently lies, race baits, is derogatory to women, and his own show is in part responsible for the impasse we see in congress based on partisan lines. But hey, to each their own.

  10. Katherine G. Fitzgerald says:

    Paul Robinson Google it. I'm not your secretary. Get your own proof. And why the extreme hostility? Didn't you learn manners as a child?

  11. Corri Anderson says:

    Not you, Paul

  12. Katherine G. Fitzgerald says:

    We are sympatico.

  13. Katherine G. Fitzgerald says:

    We have 763 drops in our group alone at #stoprush and they are many more groups out there.

  14. Katherine G. Fitzgerald

    I'm hostile because I hate being lied to. I hated it when I taught, and I've gotten grumpier with retirement. According to the Washington Post, 141 radio advertisers asked not to be spaced into a number of conservative programs. That included Hannity, Limbaugh, Levin, Savage. Most of those like John Deere, were never advertisers in the first place. For every one leaving Rush, there are 10 more waiting to come on board. One that cancelled on a Friday wanted back on within a couple days because there was a backlash against them by their customers. He represents the biggest single marketing audience for conservatives in America. Its too big a market to ignore.

    So you are totally wrong, if not totally lying.

    You are of course welcome to prove me wrong. Have fun!

  15. Katherine G. Fitzgerald

    List them. If he never had them to start, how can you use that number. If you are talking about groups that simply say that they will not advertise with him, So What?

  16. Corri Anderson

    I've always admired the succinct way the Democraps way express themselves. The thought and research that goes into their responses is an example of scholarship, reason and fact.


    Never seem to be able to find a liberal/socialist with the intelligence to provide an answer – their only retort to anything is an insult, as if that settles the issue.

    You wouldn't know a fact if it bit you . Your mental constipation shows itself in your inability to any better than ad hominems in a simple debate – I'd sure not bet on your ability if there was an issue of substance being debated.

    Get out of your mother's basement and see the real world. You CAN do better than night sweeper at Walmart. IF you get rid of Odufus. And we create some jobs instead of food stamps.

  17. Corri Anderson On this we are in total agreement! Maybe you can parse a sentence after all! Good on ya

  18. Corri Anderson says:

    Thanks for supporting my statement. Pretty funny coming from a Canadian,

  19. Katherine G. Fitzgerald says:

    Paul Robinson I have no desire to go to the effort to prove you wrong. I don't care if you agree with me or not. I don't care enough to take the time to provide the data. If your interested, educate yourself via many sources. (The Post quoted the initial big name drops after Sandra Fluke.) One can't have a real discussion with someone who uses silly verbal attacks ('Democraps'? Really? Are you 10?). You do exactly what Rush does: broad generalizations and attack people instead of issues.

    I suggest therapy.

  20. You look at Mommy Professor's (H)istory and ask NO questions. THAT is what makes you a PC card-carrying sheeple. You morons SCREAM for every white country and only white countries to become "More Diverse" until there are no more whites left. Then you SCREAM for us to believe you are anti-racist. Even a 5 year old can see that what you are is anti-white.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white

  21. Corri Anderson says:

    Stop liking your own posts you bigoted lunatic!! 🙂

  22. Stop trolling me, anti-white terrorist.

  23. Corri Anderson says:

    He is the pulse of the Republican party, he helped create the Tea Party climate, I have been listening to him for years and if you figure out how to do research online you could find literally hundreds of cited examples of him lying, not exagerrating, or stretching the truth, but lying to his audience. And thanks for defending him for the Fluck remarks, it gives us insight on what kind of person you are. If you have never heard him lie and listen to him all the time then your level of ignorance must be nirvana as opposed to bliss. Good night,

  24. Corri Anderson says:

    He is the pulse of the Republican party, he helped create the Tea Party climate, I have been listening to him for years and if you figure out how to do research online you could find literally hundreds of cited examples of him lying, not exagerrating, or stretching the truth, but lying to his audience. And thanks for defending him for the Fluck remarks, it gives us insight on what kind of person you are. If you have never heard him lie and listen to him all the time then your level of ignorance must be nirvana as opposed to bliss. Good night,

  25. You are 100% correct! The major racial prejudice in America is found in the Democrat party. If they aren't committing it themselves at any given moment, they're busy finding it in places it doesn't exist in others.

    Yet they make so much noise about GOP racism that no one has time to see their policies. They are , after all, the party of the black eugenics movement, the KKK and segregation. Had it not been for GOP, there would still be segregation. They've never done ANYTHING good for the blacks or the poor, but I guess like a junk yard dog, they crave the affection of their abuser. Several on this site simply refuse to listen to reason, have never checked out the facts, and will vote again from emotion and not reason!

  26. Corri Anderson

    So now you are a racist?

  27. Katherine G. Fitzgerald says:

    Projection, pure and simple. You are a very small and angry man.

  28. Corri Anderson says:

    Canadian isn't a race. I should know, I was born there.

  29. Corri Anderson says:

    I wouldn't normally link to a fringe site but since you provided some Breitbart links about a guy you brought up I thought what the hell.

  30. Corri Anderson

    You are correct – I should have said nationalist. I apologize!

  31. Katherine G. Fitzgerald

    I thought you said you didn't care? I'm touched. And still waiting for some valid reason why you spread slander about someone who has never hurt you in any way.

  32. I love it! Rush has hit Holler'in Hollis's nerves with a bulls eye! Give me more!

  33. Enjoying the back and forth, I'm going out for Chick-fil-a, anyone else?Katherine G. Fitzgerald

  34. Mark Ward says:

    I LOVE the partisan divide!

    Liberals (tax, borrow, overspend) and Conservatives (live within your means, take care of YOURSELF and your family, Start a business, SUCCEED) couldn't be FURTHER APART (with respect to how they ENVISION the country, and what they think Government's ROLE should be)!

    This STUPID notion that Congress SHOULD "compromise" and pass MORE and MORE laws, and REDUCE and REDUCE our FREEDOMS, and place MORE and MORE RESTRICTIONS on Businesses (aka Job Creators) is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG for the Economic Health and the PROSPERITY of the United States (and WE, THE PEOPLE)!

  35. Mark Ward says:

    @Corri Anderson…

    Unlike Liberals, Conservatives DO NOT need to hear Rush Limbaugh (and/or other Conservative commentators) to hear "talking points" (or be told WHAT to think) – we ALREADY BELIEVE as Rush (and others) do…

    THE REASON that Conservative Talk Radio has been SO OVERWHELMINGLY SUCCESSFUL is because Rush Limbaugh (and others like him) articulate what WE ALREADY BELIEVE, and (more importantly) what the (so-called) "Main Stream" Media REFUSES to articulate (and, in fact, belittles)!

    And HOW MANY listeners are there for, say Air America, these days?

  36. Corri Anderson says:

    Actually my uncle is in town with his husband, so I'm too busy to meet you there. Enjoy your saturated fats.

  37. Leo Sullivan says:

    what did the white people do to the indian waiting

  38. Leo Sullivan says:

    obama never been poor he s backed up by rich people rich people got him elected an stupid people who thought this guy had hope =hope =youvote for him change was for all the illegals he made legal including his self..

  39. Leo Sullivan says:

    obama was planted here look where his mommy worked for and who did obama hire for treasure obama s daddy was not born here so obama should be thrown out of office but with all these people who like change they dont care trillions in debt an trillions more to come shame i lived this long to see all this going on an obama ssorry for america hes not sorry for spending vote this guy out and if mitts no good in four years vote some body else in but get rid of this lier obama

  40. Anonymous says:

    Learn your Geography. Kenya is no where near North Afrrica. It is in east Africa. Take your ignorance elsewhere.

  41. Anonymous says:

    it is not humanly possible to be this ignorant….at least thats what i thought

  42. omoke
    You cannot give me a geography lesson on Africa. I work with several orphanages and outreaches to the Glue Boys in Kenya. My statement stands. I was not talking about his nation of birth, but his genetics. Genetics are not bound by geography. You simply need to learn to read! Besides, if I was a conspiricist, I'd say that Marshall was his father, making the whole case mute 😉

  43. omoke

    I also noted that you did not attempt to disprove the other items I listed. I presume therefore that you accept them as fact!

  44. Cory Carney says:

    Obama isn't a slaveblood African American and he was called that by members of the NAACP first. Limbaugh, hate or love him, was just reiterating what others have said. Don't forget it was Jesse Jackson who said off camera but on mic as saying "I'd like to cut that nword's nuts off" when referring to the Prez.

  45. Al Ramy says:

    He is rather restrained, he is held back because the Obama-maniacs are in waiting, hoping to pick a little opening to take him out, but Obama is a Gay Muslim shuck and jive, con artist. Sorry, I don't have anything nice to say about him or the first "Beard" Michelle, ma belle!

  46. Jeff McGuire says:

    Paul Robinson,

    Sir, you rock! I love reading your transcripts. It is fun to watch you battle those that are really unarmed in a battle of wits against you! Carry on sir.

  47. Wow, what a load of shyt Paul. Show me where (in legitimate News sources) I can find this alleged info. I'll read it and even agree with you, if it is true. Every single time people like you spew this hateful diatribe and I check it for validity, no can do, the info is only found in extremist right wingnut articles, by extremist idiots.

  48. I am voting for the democrats of today, not a hundred years ago. Why, because the republican party of today has sunk down deep into the primordial mud and try to claim their white power and superiority through code words we all understand. I am white and I know what racist white people say about blacks when blacks aren't around to hear. There are still many racist white people in this country. Just look a the hate and vicious attacks on Obama and his familty as an example. Southernracist whites seem to be the worst at the smile in your face and then talk about you "Niggers" as you walk away. People who stretch the truth, invent symantic arguments and loath the president because he has black blood, are as racist as anyone can become. I am not fooled by the colorful speculations based on intentional misinformation, especially from a few racist cowards, who need some way to feel superior to other people, in order to have any sliver of selfrespect and confidence. When you start with bad info, it can never be a good thing. So just keep chasing your tales/tails like the mad dogs you are showing yourselves to be.

  49. No one seals their school transcripts Paul, no one seals their medical records etc…they are automatically sealed by privacy laws. Also, Obama and his wife suspended their law licenses, so they wouldn't have to pay dues and related fees, while they occupy the White House. See, a simple explaination to your wildly fearce and supicious accusations.

  50. Your response makes no sense. They want everything about Romney but want to protect Barry? He is a total unknown even after 4 years. we know he was a practicing Muslim from his own books. We know he was never poor. We know that he never wrote anything academically – that is not sealed. Bush had his entire military records, much of his school records, etc open to the public.

    So did you bother to find out just when the Obamas "gave" up their law licenses?

  51. Paula A. Benjamin

    I'm going to challenge that statement. What privacy laws seal a presidents records? If Barry is entitled to privacy, why have the dems made such a stink about exposing Romney's income records that ARE confidential, and continue to claim he is a felon even after an international accounting firm confirmed his tax rate over ten years? You are inconsistent. And Harry Reid is a liar!

  52. Corri Anderson says:

    Leo Sullivan Given how horrendous your spelling and grammar is, it's a friggin' joke you are calling anyone stupid. Try reading, and stop regurgitating what similarily stupid people are telling you to say. Your first post makes no sense, the others are simply idiotic.

  53. Corri Anderson says:

    I don't get my news from talk shows and angry pundits, I read.

  54. Paul Robinson Who the hell is Barry?

  55. Not sure what the point is in all of this but if it is rush it has to do with the president's race. here's all i need to know. He is the pres of the us and a damn good one.

  56. Miles Anthony Jamell says:

    Are you people really this ignorant? Rush was making fun of the man who made the comments about obama not having slave blood. His name is Charles steele jr. He is the one who said obama doesnt have slave blood and who isnt authentic. But if you listened to his show you would have know that. Right? Consider yourself informed. Idiots.

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