'Twice Born' Trailer Promises Oscar Nod

If you can’t tell yet, it’s the time of year in which directors, studios, actors and actresses begin to gear up for the Oscars. With the release of the trailer for Twice Born, Penelope Cruz proves she is no exception.

Twice Born follows Cruz as a single mother who brings her estranged teenage son to Sarajevo, where the boy’s father – played by Emile Hirsch – was killed 16 years prior in the Bosnian conflict.

The film was directed by Italian filmmaker Sergio Castellitto, who has previously worked and starred with Cruz in the romantic drama Don’t Move.Seeing as this is only the fourth movie directed by Castellitto, and that his resume is primarily filled with acting jobs, it’s difficult to tell whether or not this movie will deliver. The trailer is more than impressive, but it’s hard to assume two hours of quality off of  a mere two minutes of intrigue.

However, the film does seem to be offering its own two cents to the theme of social and political unrest, not unlike Ben Affleck’s upcoming political thriller Argo, which is receiving considerable buzz. In the same way, Affleck was also criticized heavily before releasing such hits as Gone Baby Gone and The Town, so who knows what Twice Born‘s reception will entail when it hits theatres November 9.

Along with Cruz, the young talent of Emile Hirsch also gives a positive spin on the upcoming drama. The young actor has already received numerous accolades for his work in Milk and Into the Wild, so there’s no real reason to think Twice Born will not be another highlight. Well, other than Speed Racer.

Here’s a look at the trailer. Enjoy!

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