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Jamie Foxx: Kerry Washington Took Real Whipping in ‘Django Unchained’ – Video

Jamie Foxx made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday to promote his new film Django Unchained, where he plays a ex-slave turned bounty hunter.

In the video below Foxx talks about how serious the movie actually is, despite the comedic elements seen in the first couple of trailers.

“This movie is really going land heavy. It’s the first Western that acknowledges slavery,” Foxx told Kimmel. “In dealing with the slavery aspect of it, for Black Americans, for our education on what it is, it’s really going to land sincere.”

The actor recalled one scene in particular that was difficult to shoot. It involved his onscreen wife Broomhilda (played by Kerry Washington) being whipped in front of him.

“Kerry Washington, bravely says, ‘I want to take the lashings.’ We were actually in shack row at the time. Now it’s not a real bullwhip, but it’s still an impact.”

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