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Nicki Minaj Facing Boycott Over Romney Vote, Obama Snub?

Nicki Minaj‘s fans are apparently Team Obama. The rapper dropped this line on Lil Wayne’s ‘Mercy’ from his Dedication 4 mixtape – which dropped on Monday.

“I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney, you lazy bit*hes are f—–g up the economy.”

The short lyric that can easily be thrown in the pile of “things Nicki Minaj says” is being taken as a literal endorsement by her fans and her Facebook page is littered with negative comments.

Ravens Perch pleaded: LOVE YOUR MUSIC!!! – but I am concerned about something I read this morning about your support of Romney…Your image with young women about their empowerment and taking no (bleep) seems contradictory…Could you clarify why you (according to several blogs) support someone who would deny equality and send us back further into the dark ages? *if this is just rumor mill ka ka – I apologize for this post*

Kimsue Lai added: listen you stupid bitch i am at work right fucking now reading this shit!!! REALLY HOE? FUCK YOU HOE NEVER BUYING YOUR ALBUM AGAIN PEACE BITCH

Antoine Steven Bw wrote: I wish this bytch would vote for romney..bytch have u really forgot where yo azz came from? Broke staircase rapping azz bytch get real

Cecil Simmons added: U votin for romney to help the economy? you’re just a fool and an ignorant tool. u think ur clever with ur stupid rhymes, but it dont make me lazy to not work for nickels and dimes. Now u got dough and u wanna hoard it, u ignorant ho, i dont think u can afford it, when u alienate us workin in the trenches, we all see that u richfucks are bitches.

Thus far only Nicki’s rap speaks for itself because her latest Twitter update came on September 1st….tick…tick..tick. Should Nicki Minaj respond to the dissent of her fans?

Meanwhile the rapper’s fans may prefer her latest track with Alicia Keys ‘Girl on Fire’ where she raps about rising above the trappings of fame and of course….”her haters”. Nicki raps,

Spirit of Marilyn callin’ me / Orderin’, ballin’ me / Said she would never leave / Continuin’ to torture me /Tellin’ me to come with her / Underneath my comforter / She brought a gun with her / Then says to run with her / Took me on a balcony, tellin’ me to jump with her / Yeah, I’m into ghosts but / I ain’t doin’ stunts with her. I ain’t trying to be that/ haters wanna see that/ but I got them aggy/ cause I win the gold like Gabby

The audio has been removed from the net but is below, Alicia is also set to perform the new track on MTV VMAs this Thursday.

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