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Michael Strahan Gives Kelly Ripa Kisses, Roses On First Day As Co-Host

Michael Strahan – Former New York Giants star Michael Strahan is thankful he beat out several candidates for a seat next to Kelly Ripa on “Live! With Kelly.” To show his gratitude as the permanent co-host on Monday, Michael presented his petite partner with a dozen roses. His gestures drew “ahhhs” from the audience filled with mostly women – good move!

Kelly stood in a floral print sheath dress and unveiled her new host (it was believed nearly 2-weeks ago that Strahan had the job). In came the 6’5 former football star running in and lifting up his new partner. In the middle of nearly two minutes of non-stop applause, Strahan stated, “I’m so happy to be here and be a part of this. You know how you say it’s a dream come true? Well, I truly can’t say that, because I didn’t know I could even dream this.”

Strahan made his first appearance in 2008 shortly after the Giants won the Superbowl. During that appearance Philbin asked the now former football player what he would want to do after retiring from football, take over Philbin’s job!

“I was joking,” Strahan said on Tuesday, “and I’m glad the joke came true.”

Time will tell how the public will truly respond to Kelly Ripa’s new co-host but from the looks of things Strahan is onto a good start.

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