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First Lady Michelle Obama Steps Up To Lead Democratic National Convention

First Lady Michelle Obama has been preparing for the kick-off of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina today where she will attempt to gain more support at the polls for her husband.

Back in 2008, President Obama gained an overwhelming amount of support and had nearly a 70 percent approval rating when he trumped Sen. John McCain at the polls. The first lady is hoping to regain this massive amount of support from voters again for the elections in November, although she may have a daunting task ahead of her.

Since 2008 the president’s approval rating has dropped to a mere 45 percent, proving that perhaps voters aren’t quite as eager to “Barack the Vote” as they were during the previous presidential elections.

With Michelle Obama having approval ratings even greater than her husbands, if anyone has the ability to rekindle the fire the Democratic Party had at the polls in ’08, it’s the first lady.

While the first lady is rallying voters together during the National Convention, President Barack Obama will be busy taking care of his fatherly duties. This morning was the presidential daughters’ first day of school and President Obama took it upon himself to take eldest daughter, Malia, to her first day of high school.

The president will be holding down the fort at home until he finally makes his way to the National Convention on Thursday.

According to the first lady, their daughters’ have always been the top priority for both her and the president.

“We have always structured our lives where our kids come first and their involvement in politics is at their own discretion,” Michelle Obama told Entertainment Tonight.

The first lady also admitted that one of the most difficult parts of preparing for the convention was deciding on the perfect outfit.

Of course, the first lady has become famous for her impeccable fashion sense and she is expected to be a knock out once again during the National Convention.




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