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The Fallacy of Perfect Timing in a Relationship

One cannot truly love until he learns to love himself. You may have heard this phrase, or some derivative of it, at least once before. And while it is a statement whose meaning bares all truth, there is another factor that can obliterate the already tainted tenor of love: timing.

Anyone who has spent enough time in this world knows that it’s not always smooth sailing. Life has its own way of knocking you down when you least expect it. And even for the most assembled person, it’s difficult to retain full confidence and self-love at all times.

So what happens when you’re in the midst of your darkest days and the girl of your dreams is welcomed into your reality? Can the one person you’ve been looking for really make that pivotal impact you’ve been awaiting, even if your attention is consumed by something else? The answer is yes.

The truth is, there is never a perfect or ideal time to initiate a relationship. Of course, the stability of one relies on the proper balance of mental and emotional conditions of both parties. However, waiting for one person to be completely content in the mind, body and heart simultaneously is useless. Expecting such conditions from two people simultaneously is even more absurd. For a relationship to function thoroughly you don’t need perfect conditions; what you do need is to be familiar with them.

An individual who has never before been in a healthy and perfectly content mindset will not be able to attain one from a relationship. In other words, if someone has never been truly happy with themselves, their first true glimpse of happiness must come from within. Anyone who is dependent on their partner for their happiness will ultimately be miserable…

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