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'Hollywood Exes' Nicole Murphy Praises Relationship With Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy – Nicole Murphy may have starred on Hollywood Exes but doesn’t mean there’s bad between with her famous ex-husband Eddie Murphy. With the season wrapping up last evening, Nicole who’s engaged to Michael Strahan, didn’t regret one minute of allowing the cameras into her life.

“I would absolutely do the show again if we get picked up. If not, I would like to do my own show. I have no regrets at all, I really enjoyed it, it was a lot of fun for me. The show is definitely therapy, I am sure that other women who are watching the show have a situation they can relate to.”

On her relationship with her ex she added,

“Eddie and I are friends; he’s my babies’ daddy so we speak to each other and have a great relationship and I think that’s important when you have children involved. We can be in the same room and hang out, it’s all good!”

Meanwhile Eddie is battling death rumors and revamping Beverly Hills Cops as a TV show. On Tuesday rumors were rampant that the actor had died in  snowboarding accident – this is about the 5th time Murphy has died in the same manner. With talks of Beverly Hills, Axel Foley will return  as chief of police with his son as a detective. Should be interesting.

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