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Robin Roberts To Begin Medical Leave From 'GMA' Early

Robin Roberts has moves up the day she will temporarily leave Good Morning America for medical reasons.
The morning show anchor originally announced she would take an extensive leave after Friday’s show to undergo a bone marrow transplant; however she will be leaving after today’s show instead.

Five years after successfully battling breast cancer, Roberts told viewers she was diagnosed with the rare blood and bone-marrow disease myelodysplastic syndrome, or MDS. She plans to check into the hospital on Tuesday to prepare for the transplant that will take place days later.

The 51-year-old GMA host is leaving a day earlier than planned to “fly home to Mississippi to be with her ailing mother, Lucimarian, and her family in the hurricane zone,” according to ABC News.

Katie Couric, the women of “The View,” and Diane Sawyer are all expected to step in for Robin Roberts while she is on leave from Good Morning America.


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