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Robin Roberts Bracelet Now Available To Fans

robin roberts farewellRobin Roberts Bracelet – ‘Tears of joy and gratitude’ were the words of Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts as she sat down to experience her farewell. What others may have noticed where her neon colored bracelets (more on that later).

Co-host Josh Elliott announced her leave along with their staff lined up behind the couch holding Team Robin signs and later the show’s executive Tom Cibrowski who presented Robin with a tribute book. Boxes of tissue were on deck for the tears.

Soon after country star Martina McBride belted out “I’m Gonna Love You Through It” with Robin crying and singing along with her sister, her bone marrow donor, Sally-Ann.

After beating breast cancer five years ago Roberts was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome (commonly called “MDS”).

“It’s rare to have MDS and mine was because of complications from the breast cancer treatment. I know the journey ahead will not be easy, but I’m going to focus on all these gifts.”

She’s expected to be out for several months and her GMA team will be waiting.

“I am very blessed,” she added. “Forty percent of Americans can’t even take a sick day, and here I know that I’m going to have a job when I come back.”

robin roberts braceletUPDATE: We have found out how viewers can get Robin Roberts bracelet and the touching meaning behind them.

The bracelet has Robin’s initials: RRR for Robin Renee Roberts. The words: Light, Love, Power, Presence represent a prayer her mother taught her years ago.

“The light of God surrounds me, the love of God unfolds me, the power of God protects me, the presence of God watches over me, wherever I am, God is.”

The bright spring colors indicate the rebirth her bone marrow transplant will bring.

How beautiful. If you were one of the many who is interested in Robin Roberts bracelets – you can get it at

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15 thoughts on “Robin Roberts Bracelet Now Available To Fans


  2. my prayers are with!

  3. God Bless Robin Roberts on her journey today, tomorrow and always. Blessings and prayers go to Robin and her family.

  4. My prayers are for you Robin, looking forward to a quick recovery. Will wear my braclet in honor of you.

  5. Thinkiing of you Robin Roberts…May God grant you peace and love from my heart…

  6. My prayers are with you Robin.

  7. My prayers are with you Robin and your wonderful sister Sally-Ann. Also my deepest sympathy on the passing of your beautiful Mother.

  8. I cried like a baby on Thursday. My thoughts and prayers are with you always. I know you are going to fine. God is with you.

  9. Mary Lopez says:

    all her health problems and now her mom died

  10. Donna Beeman Forsyth says:

    My husband called me at work to tell me you had lost your Mom, I started to cry and when asked what was wrong I answered a friend just lost her Mom, that's how America feels about you Robin, so God Bless we are all on team Robin ♥♥♥.

  11. Sue Brady says:

    Always in the hands of our Lord. Hel loves you Robin and so do we.

  12. Cori Ryta says:

    Robin, I love you and I'm praying for you. When I heard about your mama, it brought tears, bur I know she's walking streets of gold in heaven. Be strong like she would have wanted and come back to us soon. Until then, I will continue to pray for your peace and healing.

  13. Janet Ware says:

    Robin hold on to your FAITH to get you through. God is still tere hrough it all. I too am abreast cancer survivor. I am with you in your battle. Janet in Alabama.

  14. Janet Ware says:

    Robin hold on to your FAITH to get you through. God is still there through it all. I, too am a breast cancer Survivor. I am with you in this battle. Your mothers spirit is still with you. We cannot see her but she is still present. You will feel her spirit with you always. Janet in Alabama.

  15. I'm praying for you Robin you are very special I lost my Mom and Sister so I kinda took you to my heart.I know for a fack your Mom is watching you and praying.I am a cancer survivor form the time when you didn't tell it was if you had a contagious desiese.I didn't talk about it till relay for life some 40 years later.You will be in Gods hands.

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