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Miley Cyrus TV Role; NeNe Leakes Talks New Normal Role

Miley Cyrus TV Role – Was it the new haircut? The engagement to Liam Hemsworth? Or maybe her years on Disney – who knows. Miley Cyrus is back on TV with a new TV role. More on that later.

NeNe Leakes has also moved on beyond her humble beginnings on Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta. The reality star, who may be dropping that title soon if they weren’t reportedly paying her $1M each season, launched a new shoe for charity and celebrates her newest role on NBC’s The New Normal premiering Sept. 11th.

NeNe will play Rocky, the not-so-subservient assistant to a soon-to-be father. “I always say, being on a reality show is a blessing and a curse,” she told the Wall Street Journal of her segue to scripted television on the Ryan Murphy-produced NBC sitcom. “You get these great opportunities, but people see me as NeNe.” Not for long!

Another way to distinguish herself from her reality star image was to design a shoe for ShoeDazzle…for charity. She shared on Twitter, “I love this “Nethia” shoe! I’am very proud of it & created it myself 4 a great charity

Miley Cyrus has long tried to separate herself from her Disney image with tattoos, sexy clothing and saying outrageous things. The latest offer is a new haircut and a return to TV in a more grown up role.

The former ‘Hannah Montana’ star will make a two-time guest appearance on Two and a Half Men. She will play Missi, an old friend of Ashton Kutcher that comes to visit for a week.

Bad boy Charlie Sheen who previously starred in the sitcom gave Miley the thumbs up. “Idk, w/ that new haircut Miles…You’re the [bomb icon]. Come watch the show at my place! Xo.”

Not likely to happen. With NeNe Leakes and Miley Cyrus’ new TV role are you ready to view the ladies in a different light?

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