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Jessica Alba Haircut Sets Up Return Of Nancy In 'Sin City 2'

Jessica Alba Haircut: A new haircut, sexy dance moves and shooting ranges are all in a days work for Jessica Alba’s return to Sin City 2 as Nancy Callahan, an exotic dancer with a heart of gold.

Opting against wearing a wig to reprise her role the actress chose two salon visits instead to capture the right blonde from her previously dark tresses. She tweeted the new look while at the salon on Twitter with the caption

“She got roots that Nancy”

According to reports,

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller‘s sequel. The press release confirms that Mickey Rourke will return to play Marv (because A Dame to Kill For is really more a prequel than a sequel), and adds that Jessica Alba will reprise her role as Nancy Callahan. Rodriguez and Miller co-wrote the screenplay with Oscar-winning screenwriter William Monahan (The Departed).

Next up for Alba will reprise another role but this time as Sartana in the action flick Machete Kills, which also stars Danny Trejo and Mel Gibson. Sin City: A Date to Kill For is set for release in October of 2013. Do you like Jessica Alba’s new haircut?

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