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Revisited: Top 15 Martin TV Show Moments (LoL)

Number two is when Martin and Gina went on what was suppose to be a romantic vacation, but ended up staying on a run-down island. As the two attempted to get comfortable in their cheap room, some kind of animal attacks them. Gina thought the mysterious creature was a puppy and Martin answered by saying, “that aint no damn puppy” before going toe-to-toe with it.

Number 1: Swollen Head

Our number one clip is when Martin had the nerve to challenge Tommy “The HitMan” Hearns to a boxing match. Martin had previous won a charity boxing event and when Hearn’s tried to sweet talk his girlfriend Gina, the funnyman decided to step in the ring with the real boxer. It result, Martin ended up getting a swollen head. This scene so funny, that when it originally aired, I rolled on the floor with my stomach my literally in knots.

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