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LL Cool J Breaks Nose, Jaw of Man Trying to Rob His House

LL Cool J – A potential Los Angeles burglar picked the wrong house to mess with last night.

It was the home of actor-rapper LL Cool J—he of the bulging pecs and ripped abs. After what police called a “knock down, drag out” fight, the burglar wound up with a broken nose and jaw, a trip to the hospital, a sure appointment at the local jail—and a cautionary tale about choosing his victims a little better next time.

LL, aka James Todd Smith, star of the hit show “NCIS: Los Angeles,” was upstairs in his home when he heard noise coming from the kitchen area, according to police. When he went downstairs to investigate, the unidentified suspect—described as a local transient—came at him. What followed probably looked like a scene from LL’s television show, in which he plays a tough guy cop. Except this was not acting, as the burglar soon discovered.

LL eventually called the police. When they arrived on the scene on the 12000 block of Blairwood Drive in Studio City at around 1 a.m. this morning, LL Cool J was holding the suspect.

Detectives were still waiting to interview the suspect at the hospital.

With songs like “Mama Said Knock You Out” and “I’m Bad,” there are so many LL song lyrics that come to mind. But this incident is sure to enter the LL biography, right up there underneath “Superhero Actor.”



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