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Beyonce, Lauryn Hill Diss Oprah's Next Chapter

Beyonce News – Oprah Winfrey managed to get Rihanna to admit out loud what many were already thinking but she won’t have that chance with hip hop veteran Lauryn Hill or reigning pop queen Beyonce. Oprah confirmed both Lauryn and Beyonce have turned down her offers on Twitter.

One follower asked, “@Oprah GET LAURYN HILL ON YOUR SHOW ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”. The media mogul responded, “..tried. She said no.”

Lauryn would certainly be a ratings score for O’s OWN network with her recurring tax trouble and her decision to unplug from the matrix of the entertainment industry. Just this morning reports surfaced that another $440K was levied against Lauryn.

Beyonce is still a hot commodity despite sitting down with Oprah several times in the past and lady O is well aware. She tweeted a follower, “See if you can convince Beyonce, I haven’t had luck yet.” Time will tell.

Meanwhile the “Love on Top” singer will continue to connect with her fans on her own terms, namely via her tumblr /blog page.

In the latest series of photos, Beyonce is seen drinking a beer on railroad tracks. Another shows the new mom in a lounge chair, beer in hand, tousled hair and cowboy boots.

Oprah’s Next Chapter will have to wait for now we’ll take Beyonce’s tumblr.

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