Who will Play Vision; Vin Diesel or Clark Gregg?

Now that Marvel has officially announced the release date for The Avengers 2 its time to humor some of the wild rumors that are circulating around the web.

About two weeks ago fan-natics started chattering about the character Vision and who will likely play him. Firstshowing.net highlighted The Playlist theory that put Vin Diesel or Clark Gregg in the role.

Agent Coulson, played by Gregg came to a deadly end in The Avengers. Now the only way Gregg would play Vision is if His death was only a ploy to get The Avengers to unite, which means that Nick Fury Orchastrated Coulson’s death. All of that seems a bit far fetch, but it’s not completely unbelievable.

Say Coulson did die; there is still a chance Gregg could play The Vision, because Vision is an android that could be programmed in anyway. One fan-natic even created a bust of what Gregg would look like as Vision, which you can see below.

When it comes to Diesel, he recently updated his Facebook profile photo to a comic book image of Vision and that spark a frenzy among fan-natics. The profile photo has since been changed, but the damage was already done. He may have done that just to provoke his fans; however,  Diesel may be a good fit forr Vision when you consider his robotic performance in The Chronicles of Riddick.

But remember, this is all speculations and conjectures, there my not even be a Vision in The Avengers 2. Joss Whedon was just signed on to write the script less than two weeks ago, so the truth is the first draft is probably nowhere near completion.

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