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'Deadfall' Trailer: Features A Cold Hearted Eric Bana And Olivia Wilde

The first Deadfall trailer has been made available. The Stefan Ruzowitzky- directed film stars Eric Bana and Olivia Wild, who play a brother-sister duo heading for the Canadian border after a botched casino robbery.

Being on the run with Olivia Wilde doesn’t seem like the worst thing in the world, but when a frigid Canadian blizzard is thrown into the mix, things can get a little out of hand.

This appears to be what happens in the Stefan Ruzowitzky- directed film, where the trailer shows Addison (Bana) and Liza (Wilde) battling freezing temperatures after a car accident leaves their getaway car immobile and an officer dead.

This ultimately leads them to a showdown with a former boxer, Jay (Charlie Hunnam), who picks up Liza on the way to visiting his  parents (Kris Kristofferson, and Sissy Spacek) for Thanksgiving.

Deadfall looks like it has a solid cast and the plot is amusing, but we’ll have to wait until its November 2nd VOD release or December 7th theater release, to see how things unfold.

Until then, check out the official Deadfall trailer below…


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