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Janelle Monae Is The Newest Covergirl

Janelle Monáe just landed a Covergirl endorsement and we can say it’s about damn time! Have you seen her gorgeous skin?? Next up Nia Long – but that’s for another time.

After securing her deal Janelle talked her makeup inspiration.

“Growing up and trying to find myself as a woman and experimenting with makeup, I’d go buy magazines. I’d see Tyra Banks [in the CoverGirl ads] and I’d think, Wow, she’s beautiful. It never looked like she had on too much makeup. There was just something clean and classic about her face.”

The petite 26-year old entertainer who does her own makeup for major performances has managed to maintain her own clean and classic look.

“I take a minimalist approach to my wardrobe and I do the same with my makeup. I don’t look at [it] as a mask. I don’t overdo it.” For her lipstick? “A bold [shade] of red or pink—something that pops—brings the whole look together.”

As with her music, Janelle hopes to use this opportunity to continue pushing boundaries,

“I believe in the idea of every woman finding their own beauty superpowers. I want to help redefine what it means to be a strong woman in the music and fashion worlds.”

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