‘Fierce Five’ Making The Talk Show Rounds

The USA women’s gymnastics team, also known as the Fierce Five, are making the talk-show rounds, still bubbling over about their medal-winning performances at the London Olympics.

Tuesday night in New York on Late Show with David Letterman. Each girl was gifted a red rose when they sat down with Letterman to discuss their time in London as well other subjects including McKayla Maroney becoming an internet sensation. Letterman asked Maroney if the internet had taken an introspective moment and “made it silly” and too jovial.

Maroney said, “It is pretty funny.”

That morning they visited the set of Good Morning America. And they are scheduled to appear on the Colbert Report, according to Comedy Central and The Associated Press.

On top of that, they are also preparing for a 40-city nationwide tour. Yes, becoming Olympic stars has its benefits

Aly Raisman, who is Jewish, plans to travel to Israel, where a parade will be held in her honor. Said Mihai Brestyan, Raisman’s coach: “When you hear the US anthem for your work, and you see your student at the top of the world. She is your mirror – you feel the same. You are the best in the world for a moment in your profession,” said Brestyan to Boston.com. “Those moments are the best in the world; they feel fantastic. Nothing can replace that feeling.”

Gabby Douglas also has a busy schedule ahead of her. She is scheduled to appear on America’s Got Talent and on Oprah’s Next Chapter this Sunday. She will also have a huge celebration in her hometown of Virginia Beach and has been to several meet and greets.

Despite all of the hoopla, Douglas insists, “It’s pretty exciting. . . (but) It really hasn’t hit me yet.”

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