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Lolo Jones Parties With Rapper Nas In Sexy Leather Shorts

Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones put all the critics behind her and showed off her gorgeous legs in a black leather shoes and studded black heels. The 110 meter hurdle runner faced a slew of criticism after placing fourth at the 2012 London Olympics even her teammates trashed the media for ignoring their accomplishments for Lolo’s seemingly low accomplishment.

This weekend at Roundhouse in Camden, the drama was left outside. Inside Lolo partied with rapper Nas and other Olympians including Hope Solo. Nas tweeted a photo with the hurdler with water spots on her blouse. One fan insinuated she was drooling but Lolo issued a correction…sort of..

“I wasn’t drooling… someone spilled a drink on me… Ok I was drooling.”

Meanwhile Lolo was receiving some encouragement from former basketball star Shaquielle O’Neal. She recalled receiving a call from the Diesel,

“It was like the pep talk of my life, but it was 23 seconds or something,” Jones said. “But it was packed full of, like, ‘Get it together’ and ‘You should not be ashamed of what you did. Don’t apologize, don’t feel bad about your performance, you didn’t let anyone down.’ He was pretty much, ‘Go after the next one.’ And it was just motivational.”

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