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Sofia Vergara: In Latin America, Without a Big Butt ‘You’re Nothing’

While Hollywood and American culture has only recently admitted to a taste for large posteriors—helped along by the lavish attention paid to such generously endowed stars as Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian—leave it to the hilarious and beautiful actress Sofia Vergara to cut through the niceties and explain how rear obsession works in her native South America.

In a cover story for the latest issue of Allure magazine, the Emmy Award-nominated Modern Family star said, “I don’t like when the ass gets smaller,” the actress, who just turned 40, told the mag in a new interview. “In Latin America if you don’t have a big ass you’re nothing.”

Though this sentiment might be embraced in hip hop, it’s certainly not a way of thinking common in Hollywood—which is why America has so warmly embraced this outspoken Colombian and her Latin curves. (Though on the 50th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s death, it’s worth noting that America’s ultimate sex symbol was also quite gifted in the rear.)

“We’re loud. We’re passionate. We’re colorful. We’re voluptuous,” Vergara, 40, said. “I am not scared of the stereotype of the Latin woman, because I think it’s fantastic.”

Sofia, who revealed in the interview that she wears a size 32F bra, said she is not fond of exercise. At all.

“While I’m working out, I’m in a bad mood,” she said. “I didn’t grow up in a culture of working out. You were voluptuous, that’s it. That’s all you needed.”

This thinking might explain why Vergara is so unafraid of playing the sexy siren on Modern Family, where much of the humor in her scenes revolves around her beauty and her wicked curves—though at times the show does cross the line into trite stereotypes about Colombia and its dangerous drug underworld.

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